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Watson Health 04With the opening of the IBM Watson Health headquarters, IBM and Sage announce an Open Biomedical Research Platform,

comprising Sage’s Bridge Server and Synapse technologies powered by the IBM Watson Health Cloud and associated analytics.   The platform will feature the IBM Watson Health Cloud as a preferred cloud provider on which Sage and other research teams can aggregate, store, curate, and analyze data collected via Apple ResearchKit apps. Related Press Release


Prize4Life ALS Challenge

DREAM ALS Stratification Prize4Life Challenge

We are pleased to announce that the DREAM ALS Stratification Prize4Life Challenge, the first of the DREAM10 Challenges is now open for participation. This Challenge focuses on predicting the progression and survival of ALS patients.  The Challenge will leverage the PRO-ACT database of more than 8,000 cases as the Challenge training set, and feature several unpublished datasets that will be used for model validation. To learn more and join this Challenge, click here.
Additional information can be found here.

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Sage Bionetworks Launches Two Clinical Studies and the Bridge Server as part of Apple’s ResearchKit

As part of Apple’s March launch of its ResearchKit (RK) platform, Sage Bionetworks announced the launch of two iPhone app-based research studies: Parkinson mPower and Share the Journey (focused on breast cancer survivors).

With the launch of RK, Sage introduced the Bridge Server – the back-end data service that all 5 of the first RK studies utilize. To learn how the Sage Bionetworks’ team can help design and/or support your mobile research study, click here.

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Q + A: Scientist on a roller coaster

In November, Friend will be on the Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards stage as a panelist on the Patient Engagement in a Big Data World panel. He sat down with Vector to share his thoughts on working outside one’s comfort zone, suspending disbelief, supporting emerging innovators and more.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Awards Sage a $610,000 Grant

St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a non-profit volunteer driven organization that funds research focusing on childhood cancer research, recently awarded Sage Bionetworks a grant for $610,000. The grant, led by Stephen Friend, MD, PhD, will help build a central database of pediatric cancer research in order to enhance the progression of research in this area....

Winners Announced for Crowdsourcing and Data Sharing Competition to Drive Innovation in Prostate Cancer Research

The winners of the Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge were announced today! This Challenge was the the first research challenge in prostate cancer to marry crowdsourcing with data sharing, paving a new way to tackle key research questions about metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), an advanced form of the disease with poor outcomes. Read the full...

Announcing the Opening of Two Exciting Challenges

Announcing the Opening of Two Exciting Challenges: SMC Meta-pipeline and MICCAI Guess The Primary. The Meta-pipeline Challenge extends the efforts of the SMC-DNA DREAM Challenge that ran throughout 2014. And “Guess the Primary” is a Challenge being run by the MICCAI community on Synapse. MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions) is a sister Challenge community to DREAM. To find out more…

September 19th, Stanford University

Join us on September 19 for this one day conference hosted at Stanford University by the Program in Human Biology, featuring the work of the 2015 Sage Scholars – the group of “young investigators” nominated to attend the 2015 Paris Open Innovation Assembly to showcase their work. Please RSVP to to secure a place.

ISMB Presentation: How to Use DREAM Challenges and the Synapse Platform

AKES 01: Applied Knowledge in Building Networks for Translation: How to Use DREAM Challenge and Synapse Platform as a Research Strategy will be a session at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) 14th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) which is taking place in Dublin Ireland July...

Up for a Challenge Launches!

Sage Bionetworks, in partnership with the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS), launched a new prize competition this week, “Up For A Challenge (U4C) – Stimulating Innovation in Breast Cancer Genetic Epidemiology.” Learn more and register for the Challenge here. Read a press release about the Challenge...

2015 Paris Assembly

The 2015 Paris Assembly, based on the theme “Connecting Open Research, Open Education and Open Social Impact”, was held on April 16-18, at the Institut Pasteur. Video recordings of the Assembly are available online – Visit the Assembly page to learn more.

Probing the realities of big data in Alzheimer’s

What barriers do we face in ushering in this new era of open science, and what advances are possible if researchers apply 21st century open science to the world’s broadest and best sources of Alzheimer’s data? The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease (CEOi) and open science leaders at Sage Bionetworks and DREAM organized a collaborative competition to probe these...