We have received multiple requests to explain how Sage participated in the launch of ResearchKit (RK) and what Sage’s goals are in the mobile health space.

How did Sage participate in Apple’s March 2015 launch of ResearchKit?

Sage participated in three key ways. First, Sage designed and launched two of the first five studies that use ResearchKit: these are the mPower study focused on Parkinson’s Disease and the Share The Journey study focused on the survivors of breast cancer. Second, Sage developed and launched the Bridge Server and Synapse, a set of software service offerings to provide back-end data collection and distribution for mobile health apps. Sage Bionetworks’ Bridge server currently supports data collection and distribution for all five of the initial RK studies, as well as numerous additional ResearchKit studies. Third, Sage developed the governance approach to participant electronic consent and sharing of participant data with the biomedical research community. Since the launch of ResearchKit, Sage Bionetworks has continued develop and hosts data for other mobile health projects.

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research_apple-launchApple Operations Chief, Jeff Wiliams, announces the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit on March 9, 2015