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Support for your Study

Sage can help you design and manage your mHealth study

Sage Bionetworks can help you with mHealth study design, the design and engineering of mobile apps, collection distribution, and analysis of mHealth data, and ensuring proper ethical review and approval of your study.  For more information please contact us at

Mobile Design and Development

Sage’s design and software engineering team can help you design your app to collect the survey and remote sensor data that is tailored to your study’s focus and goals. We’ve worked on close to a dozen different mHealth apps deployed in studies open to public enrollment, or in clinical trials run by leading academic and industry partners.  We’ll make sure that the study data your app collects will enable you to quantify the experiences of your study participants in both qualitative and quantitative manners. And with our expertise developing and contributing to ResearchKit and ResearchStack libraries and modules, we can advise and point you to already available disease symptom software modules that can easily be re-applied to your study to help in managing your study cost and timeline.

mHealth e-Consent and Data Governance Services

Sage Bionetworks designed and developed eConsent, a novel visual approach for acquiring informed consent through a smartphone, which was later adopted by Apple’s Research Kit framework. The approach allows US citizens to enroll in medical studies delivered purely through an iPhone interface. We received IRB approval to deploy this e-consent methodology in all five initial ResearchKit apps, and have assisted with IRB filings for mHealth studies with several leading academic and industry mHealth studies.

Sage’s mHealth data governance team can review and provide input your app study approach and goals. We are ready partner with you in areas such as e-consent modification, IRB submission, and participant-centered data-sharing strategies.

Data Collection and Hosting

Sage Bionetworks played a major role in the launch of ResearchKit ­ through the development of Bridge Server, a set of web services and developer SDKs that support for data collection, deidentification, and aggregation for mHealth studies. Sage’s Bridge Server is designed to securely manage data captured from IRB-approved human health research studies conducted through mobile technology platforms (iPhones and Android phones). Bridge Server was launched in 2015 as the backend service supporting all of the first 5 ResearchKit studies, and currently supports data collection for over a dozen mHealth studies.  Whether your are developing your own apps or partnering with Sage, integrating with a proven solution for capturing and hosting mHealth data can save you time and money.

Data Analysis

Sage’s data scientists are ready to support your mHealth data analysis goals.  We have extensive experience analyzing smartphone sensor data collected in our own studies, such as our mPower study of Parkinson Disease, or though collaborations with leading academic and industry partners.  We can advise on study design, partner with your own team of analysts, or serve as the exclusive data analysis team for your project.