Football Players Health Study at Harvard University

Harvard University launches TeamStudy, an iPhone app co-developed and hosted by Sage Bionetworks as part of the larger Football Players Health Study at Harvard University research initiative. This is the first app dedicated to understanding the health and wellness of players by engaging thousands of former NFL players as well as the general public.

Utilizing Apple’s novel ResearchKit framework, the app collects information on a consistent basis, which contributes to developing scientific discoveries that address the diverse health needs of former NFL players. In gathering health data from adults of all ages and cultures, and from both men and women, with a specific focus on former NFL players, TeamStudy will provide fundamental new insights into cognition and cognitive reserve (memory), cardiac health, and pain and mobility. Over time, the app will return results to users, allowing them to learn more about their own health, and that of others. Press Release

TeamStudy Video                    TeamStudy Website

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