Journey PRO: Your Journey

Journey PRO: Your Journey

Journey PRO Anemia Study

Life with chronic anemia is a journey. Some days the path might feel easy. Other days, it might as well be quick sand. With your help, we hope to smooth the road for people with chronic anemia. Journey PRO is a personal tool and research instrument. It is used to track the ups and downs in quality of life associated with chronic anemia, review trends, and share this information with researchers.

The Journey PRO research study, led by Sage Bionetworks and funded by Celgene Corporation, is designed to improve the understanding of disease burden on people living with chronic anemia due to myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), myelofibrosis, and beta-thalassemia. Journey PRO uses surveys and sensor data from mobile phones and wearable devices to collect quantifiable participant data.  By following participants using these quantitative assessments, the study teams aim to develop a tool to evaluate the efficacy of new treatments for reducing the impact of these diseases on patients.

The app will also provide direct and immediate information back to research participants who may use the app to track key health data and to share data with their healthcare team.

The study will include chronic anemia patients aged 18 years and above, individuals diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) myelofibrosis and beta-thalassemia, and is also open to people who do not have chronic anemia to facilitate comparison in quality of life measures.

For more information, visit the Journey PRO website.

Journey PRO is available for download from the App Store.