elevateMS: Your Story

elevateMS: Your Story

elevateMS: Multiple Sclerosis Study

Living with MS is an ever-changing story.  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can bring on symptoms and relapse unexpectedly. Some days are easy, while on other days your MS symptoms consume your story. Living with MS is an ever-changing story.

elevateMS is an app-based study to learn what triggers your MS symptoms and to determine possible trends in your overall health. This study is about you. The iPhone app records your own story of living with or without active symptoms of MS and you securely share that information with researchers. You are in charge.

This study aims to improve understanding of the daily challenges patients with MS have and to uncover new potential measurements of treatment effectiveness through real-time data collection from participants in their everyday life.  elevateMS is run by Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit research organization in collaboration with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

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