Since 2010, Sage Bionetworks has run annual Congresses, bringing together a wide range of individuals and organisations who are involved in the health and research community.

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2012

Sage Bionetworks is in its third year and is deep into the transition from non-profit start-up to a provider of fundamental new infrastructure for network biology. The first part of the Congress focused on this transition and the progress to date on how early investments in technical and legal data sharing platforms are beginning to pay off in faster science, increased patient engagement, and disruptive projects that can shake up the entire pharmaceutical industry. The second part reviewed activities and opportunities in ongoing pilots and projects. The third part highlighted emerging projects designed to shift sharing behaviors in drug development (Arch2POCM) and in disrupting the current medical-industrial social value chain.  The concluding part four was be a community effort to look at what is required to move beyond the current medical information system and its rewards. See the presentations from 2012

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2011

The theme of the second Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress was the move towards personalized, patient-driven medicine, and the role that Sage Bionetworks can play in that transition. There were exciting updates from the Federation, Community of Interest Working Groups, projects like SageCite, and some excellent keynote presentations. Videos are available on both iTunes and the Congress web site. See the presentations from 2011

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2010

The inaugural Congress really opened the discussion of the reality of drug discovery and the environment in which it is happening. A diverse group came together to discuss the situation and think about possibilities in changing the environment and working practices. See the presentations from 2010