Commons Assembly

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This event will be free and open to the public, and is limited to 150 individuals due to space limitations. Please RSVP to to secure a place.

Assembly Commons Details


9:00 Register & Setup


9:30 Keynote: Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks


10:00 Keynote: Ethan Watters, Journalist/Author (psychiatry and social psychology): “Crazy Like Us”
“How America Exports PTSD: The Cultural Connection in Reacting to Trauma”


10:30 Session I: ICT & Health


Sage Mentor: Eri Gentry
BioCurious:, Silicon Valley’s Hackerspace for Biotech
Fellow at the Institute For The Future,
“The Democratization of Research, from Open Source Journals to Community Labs”


Guest Speaker and Sage Mentor: Theodora Varvarigou PhD, University of Athens
Title: TBA


Sage Scholars:


David Lu
University of California, Berkeley


Gavin McCormick
University of California, Berkeley
Executive Director,
“Small Data: What Modern Econometrics Means for Rapid Collaboration”


Question & Answer Session with the Audience, moderated by Eri Gentry


BREAK: 45 minutes




12:30 Session II: Delivering Health to Hard-to-serve Populations


Sage Mentor: Robert Siegel
Department of Microbiology and Immunology,
Program in Human Biology,
Center for African Studies, and
Woods Institute for the Environment
Stanford University
“Education 3.0”


Sage Scholars:


Lauren Sweet
Stanford University
Helena de Puig Guixe & Jose Gomez-Marquez
The Little Devices Lab @ MIT
Guest Speaker: Josh Whitkin PhD, Murdoch University.
“Engaging Young Men in Digital Health Interventions: Failures and Successes”
Question & Answer Session with the Audience, moderated by Robert Siegel


BREAK: 10 minutes


1:45 Session III: Rare/Orphan Diseases


Sage Mentor: Annette Bakker
Children’s Tumor Foundation
“Are we ready for the change that we need to find effective treatments for orphan disease?”


Sage Scholars:


Laurie Rumker
Stanford University
“Immunization Training of Young Adults in Rural Africa”


Question & Answer Session with the Audience, moderated by Annette Bakker


BREAK: 10 minutes


3:00 Session IV: Health, Education, Patient Data, and Advocacy


Sage Mentor: Peter Kapitein
“Why Patient Advocacy Makes the Difference in Improving Healthcare”


Sage Scholars:


Gaston Remmers
Patient Advocate, Inspire2Live
Co-Founder, Platform Patient & Food Netherlands
Director, Habitus
“Patients as Researchers: Accelerating Innovation in Food and Health Beyond the Evidence Based Paradigm”


Piarella Peralta
Patient Advocate, Inspire2Live
“Joining Efforts in solving cancer, International Network of stakeholders”


Nicole Dalal
Stanford University
“Laboratory Activities for Broadened Scientific Inquiry (LABScI) — Teaching Science Labs in Pediatric Hospital Schools.”


Charvi Shetty
University of California, Berkeley
Founder, KNOX Medical Diagnostics
“Taking Control Over Your Own Health”


Question & Answer Session with the Audience, moderated by Peter Kapitein


4:30 Guest Speaker (TBA)


END: 5:00