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Bioinformatics Intern/Co-Op

Bioinformatics Intern/Co-Op

Position Overview

This position will work primarily with scientists using high-throughput “omics” data for projects in cancer and neurology. The intern will be mentored by staff bioinformaticians at Sage, with opportunities to participate in projects with other Sage computational biologists as well as with our collaborators.

Benefits of interning at Sage include opportunities to work with a variety of datasets and scientific projects, learn professional software engineering skills in the context of bioinformatics problems, and to further Sage’s mission of promoting open science.

Specific Responsibilities Include

• Process and load diverse omics datasets using the Synapse platform and cloud computing.
• Prototype and test new services for omics data using the Synapse platform, including visualization, documentation, computation, etc.
• Develop R Shiny applications for accesing data.
• Develop and implement standard data quality, formatting and annotation processes.
• Support DREAM challenges sponsored by Synapse.

Basic Qualifications

• Enrollment in an accredited degree program working towards a degree in bioinformatics or a closely-related discipline with at least one term to finish after the completion of the internship.
• Ability to commit to a 6-month, full-time position.
• Programming skills in R or Python.
• Experience with computing in a Unix/Linux environment.

Additional Skills/Preferences

• Graduate students are strongly preferred; exceptional junior- or senior-level undergraduates may be considered.
• Strong verbal, written, and organizational skills.
• Coursework in molecular biology, algorithms, and statistics.

About Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks is a Seattle, WA based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing biomedical research through the implementation of reproducible, open science. Using cutting edge machine-learning methodologies, in collaboration with scientists around the world, we build predictive models of disease-related phenotypes through integrative analysis of large-scale genomic and imaging data sets. To enhance collaborative efforts, we provide a collaborative compute platform ( for sharing research insights in a transparent, reproducible fashion.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and cover letter to: