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Stephen Friend at TED 2014

Stephen Friend at TED 2014

Sage Bionetworks CEO spoke from the main stage yesterday at TED 2014 in Vancouver. He announced the Resilience Project, a new collaboration between us and Mt Sinai that is looking for healthy individuals who carry genetic mutations that should have made them ill as children.

The project is searching for rare genetic mutations that should have cause catastrophic illness. Somehow certain individuals are “resilient” – they have been protected via genetic or environmental factors. Our calculations indicate that 1 in 15,000 people is resilient in some form. It’s simply been too expensive to find them until now.

Thanks to incredible support from 23andme, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Lund University, and the Beijing Genomics Institute, we’ve already begun profiling hundreds of thousands of individual samples and re-analyzing data sets. Candidates for resilience are already emerging from that analysis.

In the coming weeks, we’ll open the project for large-scale public enrollment with electronic consent and more. Sign up to be notified when we launch at